Dabs Wellington on welding education and Elon Musk on a goat


Welding instructor and artist Sean Flottmann joins The Fabricator Podcast live at FABTECH 2022 in Atlanta to chat about how he got his “Dabs Wellington” nickname, his rise to fame on Instagram, his early career as a welder in a job shop, his TIG welding art, his transition into welding education, his take on growing the skilled trades, and his brief stint as a drummer in a ska band.

Jump ahead to 14:36 to get to our chat with Sean.

The guys also talk about the larger-than-life work of Canadian metal sculpture Kevin Stone, including a Game of Thrones dragon, Tyrannosaurus rex, and 6-foot tall bust of Elon Musk that was part of an even bigger project backed by a crypto currency company.

Read our article about Kevin Stone: https://www.thefabricator.com/thewelder/article/arcwelding/canadian-sculptors-metal-sculptures-aim-for-scale-ambition-and-beauty

Check out our Still Building America interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=me_9_n8F900

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