CX Cohort V Demo Day pitches


The top Cohort V teams from Britain’s leading universities. Three minutes to pitch.

From growing the next generation of climate-friendly construction materials out of organisms that feed off carbon to automating nanofabrication to enable the mass production of powerful chips, Conception X startups are pushing the boundaries of deeptech as we know it.

In this video:

Ethomix – Wearable AI behaviour analytics for health and care
Nanomation – Automating nanofabrication to power the next semiconductor revolution
Aether – Modular autonomous drones to avoid dynamic obstacles – Deep learning for proactive cyber defence
Tromero – Blockchain for high-performance, faster and cheaper problem solving
Respiro Dynamics – Breath capture device for early diagnosis of lung infections
Liquibio – Cell manufacturing for improved access to cell-based food and medicine
Radar Informatics – Wearables and injury profiling tools to manage concussion in sport
MindLink – Digital twin of the body for next-generation healthcare
Ffoton – Smart photonics simulation software to improve device R&D
FuFo – Urban digital twin for smart property development
Affectronics – Deep learning for pain detection in premature babies
Tattva – Carbon-negative, living building material from photosynthetic bacteria


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