“Cultural Wisdom for Climate Action: The Southeast Asian Contribution”: Panel 5


Panel 5: “Urbanization and Built Environment”

This panel brings together conservationists, architects, and urban planners to investigate what the traditional designs of Southeast Asian buildings and cities offer as a basis of climate action. Were traditional designs superior to modern design from the point of view of environmental stability? To what degree? Why? How does Southeast Asian urban design help or hinder approaches to climate action? What traditional designs and patterns of urban living should be incorporated into policymakers’ responses to climate change?

– Ms Lim Gaik Siang, President of The Penang Heritage Trust, Malaysia, Topic: “Why Heritage Conservation is Considered Green Development? Drawing examples from George Town World Heritage Site (Penang, Malaysia)”

– Mr Leandro Poco, Managing Partner of Leonardo A. Poco & Associates, Architects, Philippines, Topic: “Rediscovering Manila’s ‘Old’ Urbanism through Space Syntax”

– Dr Nirmal Tulsidas Kishnani, Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore’s College of Design and Engineering, Singapore, Topic: “Reinventing the Vernacular: The Work of Hoang Th uc Hao”

– Mr Sibarani Sofian, President of the Indonesia Urban Designer Institute, Indonesia, Topic: “In Search of New Direction: Culturally Inspired Urban Forms of Indonesia’s Capital City Nusantara”

– Ms Moe Moe Lwin, SEACHA Vice Chairperson, Director of Yangon Heritage Trust, Myanmar
– Ms Supitcha Sutthanonkul, SEACHA Youth Representative, Thailand

– Mr Ravin Phetcharatana, The Siam Society Communications Officer and SEACHA Task Force, Thailand
This is a recording of The Siam Society/SEACHA Conference on “Cultural Wisdom for Climate Action: Southeast Asian Contribution” held on 12-14 January 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand, organised by The Siam Society.

For more information please visit https://seacha.org/activity/cultural-
The conference was compassionaltely brought to you by B.Grimm.

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The Ministry of Culture, Thailand
The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, Thailand
The Government Lottery Office, Thailand
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The International National Trusts Organization (INTO)
Nai Lert Park Heritage Home
Thai Beverage
C asean
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Ms Bilaibhan Sampatisiri
Mr James Stent
Ms Kanchana Srifuengfung
Ms Kulathida Sivayathorn
Ms Camille Ma

The Center for Research and Promotion of Cultural Heritage, Vietnam
The Singapore Heritage Society
The Heritage Conservation Society
Yangon Heritage Trust
Penang Heritage Trust
The Indonesian Heritage Trust
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