Cornell Cooperative Extension Climate Symposium (2023)


Cornell Cooperative Extension In-Service, Ithaca, NY, November 9, 2023. More information:
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0:08 Welcome – Jenna Walczak and TeJay Chess
5:35 Introduction – Jenifer Wightman
24:41 Keynote – Julie Suarez
52:23 Dean’s Welcome – Benjamin Houlton, Ronald P. Lynch Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

57:37 Lightning talks: Responding to the Impacts of Climate Change in New York State – TeJay Chess
1:01:39 Data Tools for Monitoring and Adapting to Climate Change – Art Degatano
1:02:48 Insights from the 2023 NYS Climate Impacts Assessment: Agriculture Chapter – Deborah Aller
1:04:00 The Cornell Cooperative Extension Climate Resilience Partnership – Carolyn Klocker
1:05:18 National 4-H Climate Change Survey of Teens – Andy Turner
1:06:24 Using Healing-Informed Social Imaginaries as Frameworks for Change – Julika von Stackelberg
1:07:28 Using the power of food to make climate change relevant to everyone – Michael Hoffmann
1:08:34 Managing climate risk and vulnerability in manufactured housing communities – Danielle Eiseman
1:09:45 The Cornell Climate Stewards Program – Allison Chatrchyan
1:10:57 The Role of Power Systems in Climate Mitigation – Lindsay Anderson
1:12:07 Discussion instructions

1:13:18 Lightning Talks: Forests and Farms A Kitty O’Neil
1:18:27 The intersection of CCE programming efforts on community tree stewardship, food security and community climate action goals – Sharon Bachman
1:19:34 Climate and Applied Forest Research Institute: Insights on Landowner Forest Management Richard Stedman
1:21:00 Agroforestry NY: realizing multiple benefits through integrating practices – Gabriel Smith
1:22:00 Urban Growing in WNY: A comparison of Erie and Monroe Counties – Mallory Hohl
1:22:50 DEI in Ag and Climate: Why is it important? – Graham Savio
1:24:02 Reforestation can help New York State meet its climate goals – Peter Woodbury
1:25:11 Payment for Ecosystem Service (PES) Programs: An Incentive Based Approach – Jenna DeRario
1:26:14 Discussion instructions

1:26:34 Lightning Talks: Forests and Farms B Kitty O’Neil
1:26:50 Insurance is one option for losses you can’t control – Elizabeth Higgins
1:28:06 Weed Management in a Changing Climate – Caroline Marschner
1:29:09 Sustainable Materials Management: Using food scraps to build community resiliency – Khila Pecoraro
1:30:16 Small Farms on the Front Line of Climate Change Impact – Kacey Deamer
1:31:20 Enteric methane mitigation from livestock: Barriers and path to accelerate solutions – Joseph McFadden
1:32:25 Unanticipated Consequences: How the Effects of Climate Change Makes Raising Chickens Hard – Amy Barkley
1:33:24 Cooperative Opportunities: Grazing Sheep Beneath Solar Arrays – Bobbie Severson
1:34:40 Discussion instructions

1:36:07 Lightning Talks: Energy and Community David Kay
1:39:35 PowerHouse: Bringing climate education to youth – Jack Wright
1:40:32 What kind of mobilization is necessary to meet the climate crisis? How can we create a groundswell? – Anne Rhodes
1:41:40 Collaborating Across Programs to Reduce Household Waste & Hazards – Jackie Spencer and Toni Gardner
1:43:37 What is Ag Energy NY? – Gabriel Gurley
1:44:52 Regional Clean Energy Hubs: Engaging Disadvantaged Communities Around Clean Energy – Karím Beers

1:46:38 Closing remarks – Jenny Kao-Kniffin, Interim Director, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Planning Committee: Katherine E. Bunting-Howarth, Antonius Chess Jr., Nancy Glazier, Jenny T. Kao-Kniffin, David L. Kay, Laura G. McDermott, Sarah D. Muzio, Kitty O’Neil, Savanna Shelnutt, Jenna Walczak, Jenifer Wightman


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