Controlled Environment Agriculture: Connected Urban Farming


Controlled environment agriculture is becoming a popular phrase, but few understand what it takes to have a successful operation.

Greenhouses equipped with the most sustainable vertical farming technology allow you to grow and harvest the highest quality produce year-round anywhere in the world.

This is a game-changer for agriculture. Controlled environment agriculture means more food and less waste or more crop per drop. If controlled environment agriculture is something you are involved with or thinking about, or just interested in the subject, this webinar is for you.

We have assembled three of the best minds in controlled environment agriculture to help us understand the current state of the industry and future opportunities.

In 2021, Venture Capitalists invested nearly $6 billion in Controlled Environment Agriculture (“CEA”) and tech juggernauts Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are backing some prominent players in this quickly-emerging market.

But is CEA headed for the Trough of Disillusionment? In this webinar, an engineer, an agro-ecologist, and an attorney discuss the CEA industry, the state of the art in CEA technologies, barriers that modern farmers must overcome, and opportunities in CEA. Topics discussed include: Big data, technology adaptations, regulations, certifications, machine learning, and aeroponics.

In this webinar, you will learn:
What is controlled environment agriculture and the science and practices behind it
The current state of agriculture and why we need to pivot
The current controlled environment landscape
The risks and regulations in the industry
The opportunities available today
The future of controlled environment agriculture

00:00 Introduction
05:25 CEA Landscape
06:41 Modern Farming
08:28 What we’re discussing
09:27 Lead up to CEA
14:41 CEA Business Model
19:22 CEA Technologies
22:30 State of the art in CEA
26:23 Regulations
32:35 Barriers to adoption
42:11 Opportunities
48:00 Machine Learning
51:31 Improved UX
55:02 Conclusion


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