Consultation – Small Urban Food Forest in Cold Climate

This consultation focuses on a young food forest being developed in suburban St. Paul Minnesota. A small but neat lot with a south slope, we explored ideas around erosion control, moisture holding, play spaces for dogs, protecting young plantings in various ways, biochar, compost strategies and modifying existing canopy to allow in more light.
They have already done so much neat development in the space, along with beautiful rock work to create permanent raised beds. It is amazing to see how quickly folks can transform spaces into beautiful and productive perennial systems!
Notes from Nate (land owner):
– We’re in USDA Zone 4b, with an average annual low of -25 degrees F. Summers are surprisingly hot and humid, with average highs in the 80s for July and August. (,_Minnesota#Climate)
– We’re in an urban setting in St. Paul, MN, about 3 miles from downtown
– The soil is sandy loam with a pH around 6.5. Our neighborhood is former oak savanna on high land along the Mississippi River.
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We also offer consultation and support in our region or remotely.
Happy growing!


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