Connect multiple ChatGPT sessions w/ dynamic ChatGPT prompts


Connect multiple ChatGPT sessions. Do not loose your insights about advanced prompt design from one free ChatGPT session when starting the next day another session. Dynamic Instruction Prompt Templates (DIPT) will help you to design the most effective prompts for your specific tasks, spanning multiple sessions and continuously evolving, the best fit for your needs.

Connect ChatGPT sessions w/ Instruction Prompt Templates

Plus: I show you how to create the best free ChatGPT prompts for complex queries.

We start with linear Chain-of-Thoughts, evolve to Mash-CoT and finally create a Dynamical Instruction Prompt Template (DIPT) either yourself or let ChatGPT do it for you.

I show you how to get the best ChatGPT prompts for your task.

Save your ChatGPT result from one session for the next ChatGPT session. Without LangChain Networks or external Databases.

Tree-of-Thoughts (ToT) frameworks are an interesting evolution from the area of linear instruction fine-tuning of LLMs (like Vicuna, Alpaca, ..) and build upon the semantic complexities current LLMs, like our free ChatGPT, are able to process and understand within their learned linguistic pattern recognition abilities.

If you are interested in the DIPT I created in this video, here is it
Template Instruction:
“Donald, explore the topic of [topic] comprehensively, examining its causes, consequences, and potential solutions. Begin by providing a comprehensive overview, defining [topic] and highlighting the various sources and factors that contribute to its occurrence. Explore the role of [relevant factors] in [topic].

Next, consider the wide-ranging impacts of [topic] on [specific areas], discussing examples and illustrating the detrimental effects on [relevant aspects]. Furthermore, explore the consequences of [topic] on [specific areas], such as [consequences].

Moving forward, examine potential solutions and mitigation strategies to address [topic]. Explore the importance of [relevant measures] and their impact on [topic]. Discuss the significance of [specific actions] and the need for [relevant considerations].

Moreover, consider the importance of [relevant aspects] in fostering [desired outcomes]. Reflect on the role of [relevant factors] in [desired outcomes] and the need for [collective action/awareness/behavioral changes].

By incorporating the insights gained from previous interactions, we aim to deepen our understanding of [topic], its causes, consequences, and potential solutions. This comprehensive approach will enable us to engage in more meaningful and informative discussions on the topic.”

00:00 Overview
02:12 Free ChatGPT Chain-of-Thoughts prompts
05:58 CoT – ICL prompt design identical to Instruct Fine-tuning LLMs
09:11 Examples of Structured prompt templates
17:54 Instruction prompt templates (Examples)
23:30 Dynamic Instruction Prompt Templates (DIPT)
26:15 Save DIPT for later ChatGPT sessions
27:22 Upload DIPT template for continuous session


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