Confronting climate crisis in African cities – How urban poor communities are driving LLA


Nicera Wanjiru, Muungano wa Wanavijiji, Kenya;
Yirah Conteh, Federation of the Urban Poor, Sierra Leone;
Zilire Luka and Happiness Zidana, Centre for Community Organization and Development (CCODE) Malawi;
Melanie Chirwa, Peoples Process on Housing and Poverty in Zambia and the Zambia Homeless Peoples’ Federation;
Sarah Nambozo, National Slum Dweller Federation of Uganda

Slum Dwellers International, SDI

The COP27 Africa Regional Resilience Hub’s virtual programme ran from 19-22 September 2022 and included 16 sessions on the priority themes of finance and investment, food and agriculture, resilient infrastructure, water and natural ecosystems, and cities and urbanisation. Cross-cutting themes included gender and social inclusion, and engaging and amplifying local voices.

The Africa Regional Resilience Hub was led by CDKN, hosted by SouthSouthNorth. For more information, please visit:


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