Community Forest Gardens: Building Community and Climate Resilience (Online Lecture)


Join Katherine to learn about the multi-faceted benefits of community forest gardens! Community forest gardens, often called food forests, have multiple vertical layers of mostly perennial vegetation, designed to mirror the structure and function of an early-succession forest. Community forest gardens strengthen communities by increasing access to fresh food, teaching people how to grow their own food, and providing a space for people to connect with nature and each other. Community forest gardens foster environmental resilience by providing habitat for wildlife, reducing the heat island effect, sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and more. You will learn about the benefits of community forest gardens, the ecological design principles to think about, and steps for starting a community forest garden in your area.

Presenter: Katherine Favor, Agroforestry and Sustainable Agriculture Specialist, National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT)

This program was recorded on Friday, September 1, 2023. Find upcoming programs at


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