Committee on Energy, Utilities, Environment and Climate – 03/20/23



S.F. 1173 (Hauschild) Community energy transition grant program modification and appropriation.

S.F. 2036 (Hoffman) Anoka Rum River Dam reconstruction and repair work and studies appropriation.

S.F. 2887 (Hoffman) Wood dehydrator appropriation to help reduce the amount of wood that is infested by emerald ash borer in this state.

S.F. 2958 (Weber) Property assessed clean energy program modifications.

S.F. 2747 (Mitchell) Distribution system upgrades to interconnect certain distributed energy projects appropriation.

S.F. 2876 (Mitchell) Solar energy production incentive program extension.

S.F. 2824 (Mathews) Small modular reactors certificates of need authorization.

S.F. 2823 (Mathews) Feasibility study appropriation on the use of hydrogen produced by nuclear power plants in Minnesota.


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