Comm-UNITY! | Season 11 | Episode 10 | Philanthropy & Climate


In a world where the discourse on Climate Justice and Action takes center stage, Season 10 of the Comm-UNITY podcast emerged as a beacon of enlightenment. It was a season that not only ignited discussions but also fueled collaborations for meaningful change.
As we revisit the remarkable narratives of Season 10, an extraordinary partnership took the spotlight. CivSource Africa joined the globally revered Worldwide Initiatives for Grant Maker Support (WINGS) and the dynamic Philanthropy for Climate movement. Together, they crafted a mosaic of insight, empathy, and action for a sustainable world.

Step into the shoes of change-makers as this episode artfully captures a panorama of perspectives. Spanning the continents, the stories unravel through an incredible panel of hosts who are at the helm of diverse climate justice and action endeavors. From the urban jungles to the rural landscapes, each context offers a distinct lens through which we view the urgent call for change.

Join us in this podcast journey that transcends geographical boundaries and unites us in a shared mission. Immerse yourself in stories of resilience, innovation, and the unwavering pursuit of a better world.
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