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Colored flowers | Color changing flower experiment | Science experiments for kids | Elearnin


Colored flowers | Color changing flower experiment | Science experiments for kids | elearnin

Ever worried when you dint find the flower in your favorite color?
What will you do when you don’t find a green flower to gift your girl friend?
Don’t worry!!! 🙂 We have a cool trick to make the flowers change their own color.
Here is the answer to all those questions.
In this video let’s learn how the flowers change the color.
For this experiment you’ll need
• 3-4 flowers (White in Color)
• Jar of water
• Some food coloring. For this experiment we have taken Green and Orange
Let’s begin the experiment
• Take a jar of water
• Mix some food color (Orange) and stir it well. Make sure that that the entire color is dissolved in the water.
• Dip the white flowers and leave it in a well lit room for 4-6 hrs.
• Check now. The flowers have changed the color.
Now let’s do it another color. Take some water in a conical flask and mix it with green color. And dip and leave the flower. Did you see that the color of the flower has changed?
Why is this color change occurring?
When we dip the flowers in the colored water, the flowers drink up the water from the bottom the stem all the way to the petals of the flower. After few hrs we will the colors of the petals changing the color. Look at the edges of the petals. We can see the change.
Let’s see the actual reason for this color change.
We know that there is water present in the stem and flowers. This water is evaporated from the leaves and flowers through the openings. These opening are called as stomata. This process is called transpiration.
The transpiration rate is dependent on many factors like Size of the flower, Number of the stomata on the petals, sun light etc.
As the water evaporates from the flowers and leaves, the stem drinks some water from the jar. This process is similar to the process of drinking from a straw. The stem draws water from the little tubes present in it. These little tubes are called as xylem. These act like the vein like structures which are spread out along the leave.
In our case the white flower draws water through the xylem and dyes the flower petal.
So under stood the concept how to change the color of the flowers???
Why don’t you people try with multi color? But when trying with multi color make sure you have some adult supervision on you. For the multi color, split the stem carefully and place each stem into different color of water. In this way we can try with 3 colors too!!!

Now since you know the procedure go and buy the flowers and conduct the experiment and amaze your loved ones 😀

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