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#Coir pith is a naturally growing, organic multipurpose fiber. Coir is the outer layer of the husk that surrounds the coconut shell. It is made up of divers, which have traditionally been used to make ropes, doormats, carpets, and other items. Between these fibers is a corky substance known as coir pith, which was recently discovered.

Until the recent year, coir pith was considered as any other by-product and segregated as waste until in recent years scientists recognized its applications in horticulture, organic farming or fruits, and vegetables, etc.

The market potential and the uses-

Coir pith, previously thought to be a waste, is now an emerging source of livelihood for farmers in areas, which are rich in #coconut cultivation and where young #entrepreneurs identified using coir pith blocks for application.

After being de-husked, approximately 1,129 million coconuts produced in Andhra provide husk equal to 722 million coconuts available for #industrial purposes.
The coir pith blocks can derive demand for the following applications:
• As a potting mix, with the required fertilizers and nutrients according to the type of plant to be grown
• For mushroom growers
• For generating seeds
• As a soil supplement and prevents regular watering
• For tissue cultured plan

What are the prerequisites for setting up this business-
The Raw materials-
• Coir pith
• Water and electricity supply
• Packaging materials are the major raw materials

An area to set up whole business-

For this you would be needing around 3 acre land
However, The central coir board and the state government had offered a subsidy of ₹42 L and ₹12.5 L respectively for a unit requiring 2.5 hectares of land.
The machine required for sweating up a coir pith block business is as follows :
• Coir pith block making machine
• Screener
• Compressor

The production of the cocopeat at a small-scale.

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Step 1: Collect coconut husks from the coconut shops or the farmers, etc. and make sure
to store them in a clean place.
Step 2: After that pull-out #fibers and dry them completely. Then chop the fibers or cut
them into smaller pieces with the help of sharp scissors or cutter which are used to trim
the branches. Now cut them into still finer pieces
Step 3: In this step, you need to grind them into a fine powder. The coco fiber will be
separated as fluff after grinding.
Step 4: Now separate the fibers from the #cocopeat powder with the help of a sieve. You
can now manually remove the fibers from the top of the sieve. You can use a good
stainless steel soil sieve for separating the cocopeat from the fiber.
‘Step 5: Now the extracted peat is washed thoroughly with water to remove the
impurities such as salts and other radical ions. Washing also helps in decreasing the
electrical conductivity of the peat.
‘Step 6: In the next step you need to soak the extracted peat in water for about an hour.
After soaking for one hour, squeeze out excess water.
Step 7: Fill the extracted peat in the containers according to the shape which you prefer
for either bricks or discs. You can also put the cocopeat in the pots as sell them as a
cocopeat filled pots.
Step 8: Now dry the shapes directly in the sunlight for a day or two.
To run this business efficiently you would need a perfect business model. There four elements of a good business model

Value proposition, Target consumers, Competitor review , Marketing strategy

Value proposition : The unique selling point and the value of a coir pith block making business lies in the fact that it can absorb water 5-6 times more of its own weight, it can last up to 4 years which
has increased its demand extensively in the horticulture industry,
And it’s moisture providing abilities in plants has increased its demand in countries like USA, UK, Netherlands, Korea, Japan and gulf

Target consumers : This coir pith block making business targets the nurseries, green houses, horticulture industry, government, outdoor playing courses, gardener’s etc

Competitor review : The coir pith industry is still an emerging one so it doesn’t have major competitors but competitors from basic coir exporters and traders

Marketing strategy : The water retention, moisture holding, anti-bacterial, high oxidation qualities of Coir pith has created a demand for itself in the global space like USA without any #marketing strategy.

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