Co-Writing In A Shared Universe And Changing Indie Business Models With Martha Carr


How can you create a universe big enough for multiple series?
20:24 – Interview starts
How can you co-write successfully? How can you pivot your business model to achieve your creative, financial, and lifestyle goals? Martha Carr talks about these things and more.

In the intro, Simon & Schuster is back up for sale [Reuters, Episode 662 with Jane Friedman – ]; The New Gatekeepers report [Ben Evans – ]; Marvellous Maps.

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Martha Carr is the best-selling author of over 200 urban fantasy novels. Her newest series, Queen of the Flightless Dragons, will be coming out on Kickstarter in May 2023 with Book One, Eamon.

The mindset shift when switching from traditional to indie publishing
How to take notes, and then turn those notes into books
How to know when an idea is big enough for a universe
Rules to follow when creating different series arcs within a universe
Pros and cons of co-writing
Establishing contracts and protecting intellectual property when co-writing
How the business model is continually changing for indie authors
Kickstarter and why it is valuable to growing your audience

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