Closing Discussion Session Webinar Series Part III on Climate FEW Nexus


The Research Coordination Network (RCN) organized a closing discussion session with speakers who participated in the Webinar Series Part III during the 2021 Spring. The panel will discuss some aspects of the topics previously presented and seek for identification of research gaps around the Climate FEW Nexus.

Dr. David Sailor, Director of the Urban Climate Research Center and Professor at Arizona State University. His webinar about: Exploring Heat Mitigation Strategies.

Dr. Gerald Mills, Professor at University College Dublin, Ireland. Member, and former president of, the International Association for Urban Climates. Presented about Climate Resilient Cities.

Dr. Rebecca Muenich, Assistant Professor at Arizona State University. Founder and Director of Muenich Lab. Her webinar on: Agricultural Sustainability in Desert Cities.

Dr. Shanondora Billiot, Assistant Professor at Arizona State University & Member of Climate Change Taskforce for the National Congress of American Indians. Presented about: Community Adaptation of Exposure to Environmental Changes.

This closing session was moderated by:

Jeffrey Raven, FAIA, Associate Professor graduate program in Urban and Regional Design at New York Institute of Technology. Member of the Research Coordination Network.


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