Climate urbanism: strategies for just transitions


This event presents some of the pioneering research funded by the Urban Studies Foundation (USF) in recent years. The event includes five short talks of fifteen minutes each, that cover several of the COP26 Presidency campaigns, with a key focus on Cities and the Built Environment.

Presenters: Dr Marcin Dąbrowski, Dr Sage Ponder, Dr Nida Rehman & Dr Aparna Parikh, Prof Jenny Pickerill, and Dr Stephanie Wakefield.

The event was Chaired by Dr Deljana Iossifova, Senior Lecturer in Urban Studies at the University of Manchester and the current Chair of Trustees for the USF.


1. Unlocking the potential of sustainability transitions to make cities more just and liveable (Dr Marcin Dąbrowski, USF Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2013-2016, Department of Urbanism, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)

Keywords: urban sustainability transitions, socio-spatial justice, liveability, inclusiveness, co-production

2. Reimagining public finance for climate justice (Dr Sage Ponder, USF Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2018-2021, Florida State University, United States)

Keywords: public finance, public goods, financial condition, fiscal adaptation, climate justice

3. Urban climates in South Asia (Dr Nida Rehman & Dr Aparna Parikh, USF Seminar Series Awardees 2018-2020, Carnegie Mellon University and Pennsylvania State University, United States)

Keywords: local histories, social marginality, urban climates, South Asia

4. Eco-communities as ways to radically transform our cities (Prof Jenny Pickerill, USF Seminar Series Awardee 2018-2020, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom)

Keywords: affordability, liveable, CO2 reductions, environment, inclusivity

5. Urbanization in the anthropocene: urban adaptation beyond resilience in Miami, Florida (Dr Stephanie Wakefield, USF Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2018-2021, Florida International University and Life University, United States)

Keywords: urban resilience, sea level rise, Miami, urban adaptation, Anthropocene


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