Climate Resilience Capacity Building


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Global climate change has local impacts. Communities bear the brunt of extreme weather events such as drought, wildfires, and flooding. In response to these events and other changing climatic conditions, communities must become climate resilient by understanding, planning, and acting on the current and future impacts of climate change.

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In this information session, the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre’s Ronak Patel, Program Lead, Capacity Building, will explain what the Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program aims to accomplish through its three streams:
– Planning Stream
– Strategies and Initiatives Stream
– Indigenous Climate Resilience Stream

The Climate Resilience Capacity Building Program supports climate adaptation activities directly controlled or influenced by a community. Topics or sectors may include but are not limited to water quality and quantity, assets and infrastructure, agriculture, forestry, economy, human health, food security, and knowledge transfer / capacity building.


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