Climate March Amsterdam: ShishaniMusic – Forget to Remember & Indigenous Community | Free West Papua


Thank you sister @ShishaniMusic for your #FreeWestPapua shout-out and sharing the stage with the indigenous community in the Netherlands.

Organizers of the climate march have chosen not to include any indigenous speakers in the stage program. After Shishani performed her song ‘Forget to Remember’ she gracefully passed the stage to indigenous speakers, stating, ‘I want to invite speakers from the indigenous communities worldwide because they are at the forefront of the climate crisis caused by the global north. So, I’m passing this mic.’

Indigenous speakers sisters: Chautuileo Tranamil & Myra Colis

We want to remind the international community that we, indigenous peoples represent 5% of the global population, but protect in our ancestral lands 80% of the world’s biodiversity.When we talk about ecocide, we can’t forget the ongoing genocide of indigenous peoples, tribal peoples and local communities.The correlation between global environmental challenges, the disrespect of international law, and the struggle for land, identity and rights cannot be ignored. The lack of self-determinations and free and prior informed consent.

Read full statement on Indigenous Liberation Movement (Instagram)


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