Climate Justice is Social Justice


Climate Justice is Social Justice!

Episode four of The Breakdown looks at the intersection between racism and climate change, highlighting how climate change is first and foremost a social justice issue. Looking forward the episode explores the role of the Green New Deal as part of a just and fair transition.

Episode four also features Co-Executive Director of The Green New Deal Uk, Fatima Ibrahim; Author of ‘The Uninhabitable Earth’, David Wallace-Wells, and Podcast Host and Writer Mary Heglar.

THE BREAKDOWN is a five-part film series on climate change: exploring how we got here, where we’re headed, and what we can ALL do to make a difference.⁠


This is an Earthrise production. To learn more about our work and how to take action on the climate crisis check out our Instagram and website below:

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A huge thank-you to our creative partners at Studio 11 who helped bring this series to life:

This series was an original commission by the incredible Waterbear Network; a new and innovative platform that allows you to watch content about the future of our planet, and directly take action! It’s totally free to create an account so why not check it out:

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