Climate Dispatch: Tackling Climate & Affordability in Vermont’s Two Largest Carbon Emitting Sectors


Today we’re joined by Kati Gallagher, Sustainable Communities Program Director at VNRC, and Ben Edgerly-Walsh, Climate and Energy Program Director at VPIRG. Tune in to learn more from them both about efforts to tackle emissions and affordability in Vermont’s two largest sectors for carbon pollution – the transportation and thermal sectors.

First, get an in-depth overview from Kati about H.101, the Transportation Affordability Act, a policy vehicle for proposing many new and needed transportation investments. Kati also coordinates Transportation for Vermonters (T4VT), a diverse coalition committed to working together across sectors to achieve a sustainable, accessible transportation system in our rural state. T4VT has put forth a 2023 policy agenda, from which many priorities have been included in this year’s Transportation Affordability Act.

Then, hear from Ben with an update on S.5, the Affordable Heat Act. As the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee continues to hear testimony from numerous stakeholders on the policy. The committee is also beginning to work on additional improvements to the bill to ensure that lower-income Vermonters are able to access clean technologies, and ensure that electricity and weatherization efforts are prioritized over fuels with higher levels of carbon emissions.


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