Climate Crossroads Summit 2023 – Day 2


Join the National Academies on July 11 and 12 for a summit engaging experts, community stakeholders, and decision makers on equitable pathways to meet the climate crisis.

The global community is in a crucial window for addressing the many threats climate change poses to the planet and society. To meet these challenges, the nation and the world must harness the full complement of knowledge and skills across science, engineering, and medicine. On July 11 and 12, the National Academies Climate Crossroads Summit will bring together leaders spanning the breadth of expertise for a vibrant discussion about how to catalyze action among a diverse range of stakeholders and decision makers.

Attendees will:

– Engage with a broad set of thought leaders and stakeholders on critical crosscutting topics and pathways to action to meet the climate crisis;
– Explore emerging challenges and opportunities for addressing climate challenges;
Connect stakeholders to each other and to ongoing climate work across NASEM, creating opportunities for building and strengthening collaborations; and
– Plan for future crosscutting work accelerate the transition of science into climate action.

Join us virtually and in-person at the National Academy of Sciences building in Washington, D.C. for this dynamic meeting.

Agenda Overview

Day 1 will open with a discussion among the presidents of the three academies on harnessing and leveraging a breadth of expertise to address climate change. A series of panels will follow, addressing (1) pathways to action towards thriving ecosystems, climate-resilient communities, and accelerating decarbonization, (2) advancing productive dialogue and engagement, and (3) cross-sectoral innovation and opportunities.

The day will conclude with showcase of current climate activities from across the National Academies, followed by an evening networking reception with light refreshments.

Day 2 will feature panel discussions that explore intersections of climate and other societal challenges, and advances in science, engineering, and medicine that are bringing new opportunities to address the climate challenge.

In-person attendees will be able to participate in breakout sessions to discuss how to work together to make rapid progress addressing key challenges and opportunities.

Plenary sessions will be accessible via livestream, with ongoing opportunities for virtual participants to engage throughout the program.

Live closed captioning will be provided.

About Climate Crossroads

Building on more than 40 years of foundational work on climate change, the National Academies are stepping up efforts to meet the most urgent issue of our time. This year the National Academies launched Climate Crossroads, a new initiative that leverages our disciplinary breadth and capacity for collaboration.

Climate Crossroads provides space to respond to new challenges as they arise, expands the Academies’ work to a more diverse range of stakeholders and decision makers, and is developing new ways to work with underrepresented communities on climate.


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