Climate Change: What if we let the next generation take over? Great Decisions 2023


JAKE HAWES is a PhD student in the School for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Michigan. He is a member of the Urban Sustainability Research Group with Dr. Joshua Newell, studying the role of urban agriculture in a changing climate.

ZANAGEE ARTIS is a 23 year-old from Clinton, Connecticut, USA and a graduate of Brown University. He is a founder and the executive director of the global youth-led climate justice organization Zero Hour. Zanagee is also co-author of A Kids Book About Climate Change and co-host of 1 Point 5: A Kids Podcast About Climate Justice. Artis has been featured in a number of publications for his work on climate justice and climate policy, including The New York Times, Teen Vogue, and The Economist. In March of 2022, Zanagee traveled to Antarctica with the 2041 Foundation as an ambassador of the Global Choices Arctic Angels Network to witness polar climate impacts firsthand.

BELLA WASH is a Chemical Engineering major at the University of Michigan where among many other things, Bella is a Michigan Research and Discovery Scholar; recipient of several academic distinctions and worked under the Climate Law Institute to support the group, California Law versus Big Oil.

Below are the notes from the Chat with LIVE links to important things shared – there’s a lot of data, but there are also some great resources behind the links.

19:04:11 From Erin Croteau to Amy Stark ICWA Host(Direct Message) : Which podcast does Zanagee cohost?
19:04:56 From Erin Croteau to Amy Stark ICWA Host(Direct Message) : please disregard my message πŸ™‚
19:42:12 From Jake Hawes (he/him) :
19:42:31 From Ray Montagno : If you wish to ask a question please send it directly to me, Ray Montagno. I will either call on you to ask your question or if you prefer I will read your question.
19:48:50 From Anthony to Amy Stark ICWA Host(Direct Message) : Hi Ray, what is your email address?
19:51:05 From Amy Stark ICWA Host to Ray Montagno(Direct Message) : Could each of you share social media folks we should follow? Jake mentioned someone on twitter. Any YouTube Channels? Any Sub-Reddits?
19:51:43 From Zanagee Artis (he/him) :
19:52:47 From Anthony to Amy Stark ICWA Host(Direct Message) : Question is: Projections are that of the Trillions of Dollars needed to fund energy transition to lower carbon emissions, will be funded mostly by private sector enterprises, 5 to 10x what is provided by government. What are your views as to profit motive of private sector actors in support of innovation to stimulate solutions to the problem?
19:58:13 From Pam S to Amy Stark ICWA Host(Direct Message) : Comment: Some wise person said ‘don’t let the perfect get in the way of the possible/good.’
20:04:18 From Amy Stark ICWA Host to Pam S(Direct Message) : Reacted to “Comment: Some wise …” with Γ°ΕΈβ€˜
20:08:10 From Joe Clendenin to Amy Stark ICWA Host(Direct Message) : Very good and timely Program.
20:10:31 From Jake Hawes (he/him) : Of possible interest to Clarise and others — headlines on flooding and drought.

Urban perspective:

Groundwater recharge:
20:12:48 From Jake Hawes (he/him) : Indiana Climate Impacts Assessment:,impacts%20of%20a%20changing%20climate.
20:14:56 From Joe Clendenin to Amy Stark ICWA Host(Direct Message) : Very good and timely Program. FYI our World Affairs Council of Sonoma County California ( Will have eminent Oceanographer Dr. Greg Stone Presentation on Climate Change and our Oceans on March 8, 2023. This is a LIVE program but will be recorded and available to anyone shortly after at Thank You. Joe Clendenin
20:15:34 From Amy Stark ICWA Host to Joe Clendenin(Direct Message) : Reacted to “Very good and timely…” with Γ°ΕΈβ€˜
20:27:01 From Bohdan to Amy Stark ICWA Host(Direct Message) :
20:29:51 From Jake Hawes (he/him) : Please feel free to reach out to me at
20:30:23 From Zanagee Artis (he/him) : You can reach out to Zero Hour at and visit our website at


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