Climate Change Special Ep 3: Opportunities of building resilience in urban & rural communities


As the world continues to understand the causes and potential impacts of the climate crisis, the business and other opportunities of applying the innovations, technologies and services arising from the work of the weather & climate related sectors to provide meaningful solutions are enormous.

In this third and concluding part of our popular climate change special report, we will focus on building social & economic resilience to climate change in urban and rural communities.

– Dr. Sheldon Drobot, Mission Area Lead, Environmental Intelligence & Sustainability Ball Aerospace

– Dr. Karen MacClune, Chief Executive Officer & Senior Staff Scientist, ISET International

– Kenneth MacClune, Senior Scientist for Climate Change, Cities and Systems on the Climate, Cross-Sectoral Systems, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

– Dr. Andreas Muehlbauer, AVP, Sr. Lead Research Scientist, FM Global – Engineering and Research

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