Climate Change: Honest Explanation for Global Warming. Arthur Viterito


The report draws on findings on the correlation of Seismic Activity and Recent Global Warming. In the video, we discuss the changes occurring on Earth, which cannot be explained in terms of anthropogenic CO2 emissions theory as a main cause of climate change.

The study of Prof. Arthur Viterito establishes the connection between increased geothermal flux and global climate warming since 1979. Geodynamic changes occurring currently on Earth are practically ignored by most climatologists.

This report will highlight the impact of CO2 and inaccuracy of the most cited climate models to describe temperature in the past and in the present. Climate is complex system indeed and Prof. Viterito uses the most comprehensive sets of data on geodynamic changes, currents, ocean circulations in order to understand climate change and the impact of the different factors.

Arthur Viterito has been a Professor of Geography at the College of Southern Maryland. He is also a policy advisor with The Heartland Institute. Prof. Viterito is a member of the Association of American Geographers, the International Association for Urban Climate.
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