Climate and health: An introduction to citizen science for health professionals


Climate and health: An introduction to citizen science

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Health professionals concerned about climate and health are invited to this follow-up session presented by leading advocates of citizen science. Following the climate and health special event, this session aims to better understand and explore how observations of climate and change made by health professionals and communities contribute to the science of climate and health.

The session is intended for any health professional, from community health workers to public health specialists, seeking to enhance their roles as pivotal actors in understanding and combating the effects of climate change on health.

During this session, we will introduce and unpack the Citizen Science methodology—a model that synergizes the effort of academic researchers with citizen scientists, resulting in solutions that make real, tangible differences. Grounded in the experience of PROCOL Lebanon and the RELIEF Centre, we will explore how Citizen Science can enhance data collection, analysis, and the design and implementation of interventions for improved community health.

Our goal is not only to inspire projects to employ the Citizen Science methodology but also to cultivate a deeper understanding of how health professionals can leverage this approach to enrich their work and their impact on the communities they serve. With Citizen Science, we can go beyond observations and translate our collective knowledge into meaningful, contextually sensitive interventions.

By participating in this session, you will become a part of a dynamic global dialogue shaping the strategies to combat climate change’s impact on health. Your contribution will help lay the path to a healthier, more resilient future.


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