Climate and Conflict in the Horn of Africa


There are indirect, yet undeniable links between climate, the environment and deadly conflict. Today, however, these links are dangerously overlooked. In the Horn of Africa, climate change is already increasing food insecurity, water scarcity and resource competition, while also disrupting livelihoods and spurring migration.

This video brings together two experts for an in-depth discussion on this topic. In it, Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst for Climate, Environment and Conflict in Africa Nazanine Moshiri speaks with Christophe Hodder, the UN’s first ever climate security and environmental adviser to Somalia. From a drought-stricken area in Kenya, they discuss the specific nature of the intersection between climate, environment and conflict in the Horn of Africa, and what must be done to mitigate the risks of violence.


0:00 Introduction
2:23 Climate, environment and conflict links
7:25 Drought in Somalia
9:19 Drought in Kenya
12:45 Environmental factors
14:42 Adapting to climate change
20:10 COP 28, challenges and opportunities


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