CLARITY for Climate Resilience: Multi-scale urban climate adaptation planning in the City of Naples.


The effects of climate change in cities are already visible globally, with extreme weather events increasing in frequency and intensity.

Assessing the effects of urban regeneration strategies on urban microclimate conditions is essential to guide resilient urban planning and design, introducing levels of complexity into the management of the information needed to define appropriate adaptation actions at the local level that represent a growing challenge for public administrations.

The webinar presents the climate services developed to support multi-scale urban climate adaptation planning in the City of Naples.

The first Italian-language webinar of the series “CLARITY for Climate Resilience” (Clarity4CR) presents the CLARITY methodology for the assessment of climate change impacts in urban areas and the support tools for adaptation planning, introducing the service “Advanced Urban Screening” available online for analysis on several Italian cities and the results of the “Expert Studies” developed for the case study of the city of Naples”. The opportunities for the application of CLARITY tools to support the planning and programming of adaptation actions at local and national level will also be discussed.


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