Cities and climate change. Mitigation and adaptation strategies in the Mediterranean.


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Following the increasing urbanization in the last decade, especially in the South of
the region, more and more economic activities are concentrating in the cities and
metropolitan areas of the Mediterranean Basin. Although these cities are the drivers
of economic growth, innovation, and job creation, they also account for about 70%
of global carbon emissions and over 60% of resource use worldwide. This fact urges
us to think local actors as crucial stakeholders in the fight against climate change.
Considering that cities represent half of the world’s population and two-thirds of the
global economy, climate action at the city-level is indeed critical.

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Guest Speaker:
– Hana Alamuddin, LEED Accredited Professional in Sustainable Neighbourhood Design and Senior lecturer at the American University of Beirut.

– Josep Canals, Secretary General, MedCities


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