CIBSE RC & IBG Urban Greening for Health and Climate Action


This is a joint event between CIBSE RC and IBG Groups in association with CIB.

Nature based solutions for city climate resilience and emissions sequestration, their impact on citizens and the urban environment, microclimate and buildings and implications for sustainable, resilient urban planning, building design and retrofit.

Event co-chairs: Kirstin Johansen, Chair of CIBSE Resilient Cities group and Emeritus Professor Derek Clements-Croome, Chair of CIBSE Intelligent Buildings Group.

Our keynote speakers will cover urban greening at the city scale, water sensitivity and ecological aspects of urban nature-based solutions (NBS) for climate resilience and the impacts of green infrastructure on health and wellbeing, particularly with regard to urban air quality.

The talks will lead the way to a chaired discussion with attendees which will focus on:
• There are a variety of green infrastructure solutions for buildings, facades, streetscapes and public spaces in cities. These tend to be spatially distributed and localised, how does this on the ground, building/localised activity translate and work with city scale Nature Based Solutions planning? (both groups are interested particularly on impact of NBS at building/local scale on microclimate and air quality)
• What climate services NBS can offer and what energy, water and maintenance requirements there are
• Health considerations in urban greening – what health and wellbeing benefits does NBS offer, what species types should be avoided as known to aggravate health conditions and how can we bring this into built environment knowledge bases.
• Changes in professional practice that can help scale and lead to creative and informed urban greening action for climate resilience.


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