China's Geography and Economy explained (North, Northwest, Southwest)


China is a massive country with 1.4 billion population, 32 provinces, 56 ethnic groups and 18 trillion USD GDP, to understand China and its diversity, China’s Geography and economy is a must to know.

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00:00 Why China’s geography and economy
00:56 Summary of China’s geography and economy
02:56 Beijing China’s Capital
04:00 Beijing Tianjin Hebei Urban agglomeration
04:50 Shanxi province
05:06 Inner Mongolia autonomous region
05:27 Northwest China
06:02 Shaanxi province
07:37 Gansu province
08:23 Qinghai province
09:10 Ningxia Hui autonomous region
09:35 Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region
10:46 Southwest China
11:58 Chongqing municipality
12:32 Sichuan province
13:20 Yunnan province
14:02 Guizhou province
14:32 Tibet autonomous region
15:40 Ending of the video


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