China finds a way to stop Climate Change with this Invention


We will transport you to China! But above all, did you know that the way we design our cities has a huge impact on the quality of the surrounding ecosystem? For example, replacing soils and vegetation with mineral revetment changes the composition of the soil. In addition to increasing the risk of water overload, this will threaten the quality of waterways. This waterproofing prevents rainwater from penetrating into the ground. And consequently the water consumption by the plants. Unable to be evacuated normally by the ground and the plants, the water thus accumulates on the surface. As a result, it mixes with urban pollutants such as fuel oil, garbage, and other chemicals. The loss of vegetation in cities is also a factor that affects air quality. With climate change, our cities are particularly vulnerable to floods and heat waves. This has a major impact on the well-being and health of the population. So what would be the solution to all of this? As said earlier, we are going to look at what happened in China to answer it.

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