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Changing The Climate #53 – Shelby Kaminski


Shelby Kaminski is the Founder of Edaphic Solutions, a local service that produces and applies compost tea – a living nutrient rich solution for plants and soil. On this podcast we enter the galaxy of soil microbes with a super inspirational guide.

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Because the work we’re doing today is better than the work we were doing six months ago, and the work we’ll be doing six months from now is better than the work we’re doing today. If you believe what we believe, then we’re better than the competition.

How Will We Accomplish Our Mission?
By operating a real estate corporation that donates 50% of all net-commissions to organizations dedicated to fighting climate change, while using the remaining funds to foster a unique company culture that is firmly dedicated to the principles of enlightened self-interest.

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Professional representation on the purchase and sale of residential real estate in Boulder, CO. A broker experience unmatched by any other in purpose, hustle, and heart.

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