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Nov. 10, 2021 | As China and the U.S. announce a plan to work together to reduce carbon emissions, we look at what’s being done to prepare Canada’s cities for a changing climate. Plus, a top House of Commons official is accused of partisanship and a disrespectful workplace.

00:00 The National for Nov. 10, 2021
01:15 How cities are confronting climate change
01:53 Unexpected U.S.-China climate agreement
04:42 House of Commons clerk complaints
07:29 Annamie Paul resigns as Green leader
07:51 Kyle Rittenhouse stands by self-defence plea
10:39 U.S. inflation hits 30-year high
13:14 Calls to limit cannabis shops in some cities
15:32 Ontario pauses COVID-19 reopening
15:57 COVID-19 cases rising in New Brunswick
16:22 COVID-19 emergency declared in Yukon
16:43 The Fifth Estate: School of Secrets
20:27 How cities are confronting climate change
29:31 Environmental concerns of ‘iceberg homes’
33:19 Simple solution helps condo drastically cut waste
36:52 Saving the war hero story of Sgt. Hurwitz
40:18 Growing concern for Bluey the beluga
43:04 The Moment

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