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Collaboration is indeed a powerful tool that is needed to achieve more together. It is great to have driven an innovative partnership between our organization; Green Globe Initiative (GGI) and Urban Tree Revival Initiative (UTRI).

We commend the very good works of Miss Omobola Eko; the founder and CEO of Urban Tree Revival Initiative and our own esteemed Mr. Akintola Akinyemi Abraham, the Founder for Green Globe Initiative (GGI), we look forward to a greater impact driven Initiatives, partnership and work experience.

Nigeria Climate Awareness March 2023 was held in about 15 States in Nigeria namely;

A big shout-out to everyone that make it to the Climate Awareness March Program today. We appreciate your presence dearly.

We understand that the rain affected about 60% of the expected participants, yet the about 40% of the people that made it did fantastically well.

It’s great to have all relevant stakeholders around, students, elders, friends and friend’s friends that made it to the event.

We recognize the presence of the officials of the Kwara State Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Lagos State Ministry of Environment, Kaduna State, Kano etcetera, the gallant men of the NSCDC and the NPF, the trumpeters and men of the band, the entertainers and music performers among others.

We salute the presence of @TruOrganic Africa, @Ilorin Global Shapers Community, Connected Development. It’s such an honour to have you all.

Also we appreciate @Jolad Media. Thanks for been part of our impact story.

We also extend our appreiation to the News Agency of Nigeria. With your coverage we are sure our Climate Awareness March will reach the nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

We have everything in excess except for the few number of participants. Food and drinks are in abundance, even to the point that people were given some more as take away.

This Climate Awareness March covered some strategic and major locations in the participating States.

From Kwara, to Osun, to Lagos, to Ogun, to Ekiti, to Kaduna, to Kani, to Portharcourt, and several grassroot communities in the above mentioned States.

It was an incredible engagement and awareness program with the market people, drivers and the various people of across different backgrounds.

Our messages was communicated in Yoruba, Espanol, Pidgin, Baruteen, English and Hausa languages respectively.

Once again, we thank you for your time and commitment to championing Environmental Sustainability.

In #Climate and #EnvironmentMatters, #PlayUourPart…


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