Carbon Symposium: Session 01


Carbon is everywhere: in the soil, in the air, in life. The foundation of architecture and the built environment, carbon is also infamous for intensifying the climate catastrophes around us. Addressing the climate crisis requires the building industry to reach carbon-neutral design & construction across all projects, as the real estate industry is responsible for roughly half of emissions contributing to global warming.

Architects and engineers, by the nature of their education and practice, transform carbon in every project. The Carbon Symposium for the Built Environment by College of Design and Engineering (CDE) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) serves as a scaffold for reflection, exploring research and design/technology solutions to tackle one of the most significant challenges of the 21st century. Nine international speakers present a constellation of voices surrounding carbon and its relationship with architecture, technology, material, form, and design pedagogy.

The Carbon Symposium will also discuss the launch of the Renovating Carbon book and the importance of adaptive reuse for low or zero-carbon developments. The book is grounded on architectural work of NUS SDE 1&3 as a super-low carbon and net-zero energy adaptive-reuse, demonstrating an effective strategy for urban sustainability by optimizing the operational performance of built assets, showing a strong integration of design excellence and sustainability leadership.


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