Carbon Farming: A Climate Solution Under Our Feet – NHK WORLD PRIME


00:00 – Opening
00:32 – From a NY organic farm
01:45 – Carbon farming: What is it?
03:03 – Regenerative agriculture: A Minnesota Case Study
06:04 – Ray Archuleta: Visually comparing soil health
12:19 – Gabe Brown: The 5 principles
19:14 – Shinano Takuro: Visualized rhizosphere
23:05 – Carbon farming around the world
23:42 – Toshimichi Yoshida: Our dear friend bacteria
38:20 – The ‘4 per 1000’ Initiative
39:20 – Biochar: A Yamanashi Case Study
47:54 – Conclusion

Regenerative agriculture, also known as carbon farming, is one way people are taking action against the climate crisis, turning harmful carbon emissions in the atmosphere into nutrient rich soil or biochar and using it to farm organic and sustainable food.

Meet carbon farming pioneers like Gabe Brown in the US, Toshimichi Yoshida in Japan and more.

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