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Cannabis Caregivers Under Attack, New Caregiver Group Launches In Response


On Four20 Post June 9, we took a look at the controversy swirling around efforts by large cannabis companies to lobby for more regulations for medical cannabis caregivers that would reduce the number of plants they can grow and patients they can serve – the very group that built the medical marijuana industry in Michigan a decade ago.

On the show was Jamie Lowell, a long-time cannabis activist, who helped the legislature craft many of the caregiver regulations on the books today. Also on the show was Chad Morrow who announceed the formation of the United Cannabis Caregivers Group. Connie Maxim-Sparrow, who is handling the filing paperwork, also appeared.

Four20 Post is moderated by Michigan Marijuana Report Editor Mike Brennan. Co-hosts are Rick Thompson, co-host of Jazz Cabbage Cafe, and Jamie Cooper, who manages Sensi Connects.


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