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While India is a country of farmers, farming entirely for its own consumption, the urban population spent nearly 40% of their income on food. In addition to this, food wastage is an issue that plagues our economy as well as society. One way out by which we can have control over these problems is by encouraging urban farming. Instead of the city residents relying on the rural population for their supply, they can grow their own vegetables. It would not only reduce food wastage, but also provide a better source of nutrition to the populace at large.

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Urban farming is defined as “the practice of cultivating, processing, and distributing food in or around a village, town or cities”. It involves growing crops and raising animals in urban centers with the help of innovative methods that integrate city life with farms. Urban farming has become extremely popular in recent times because it not only produces fresh vegetables but also generates employment opportunities for people who are unable to go out for work due to any particular reason. Thus, this is an effective way through which many people can contribute to the economic growth of their respective countries.

2. Geographical reasons

There are several possible geographical reasons why urban farming has gained popularity across India recently. Mumbai belongs to one of the most populated metropolitan cities in the world where the population has increased exponentially over the past few decades. This makes it difficult for people to even think of buying vegetables from local vendors, especially in this price-hiked period when everyone is looking forward to living a better life by saving money in all possible ways.

There are other reasons that have played an important role in the sudden spurt of urban farming in India. There have been many cases where farmers have committed suicides due to rising debt and failed crop productions. Such incidents have led people to believe that it would be much better if they start venturing into different ventures which will generate employment opportunities for them rather than putting their hard earned money at stake importing vegetables from foreign countries.
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