Can Pocket Forests save our cities?


SUGi Talks is a podcast where we explore the powerful stories behind our pocket forests. Speaking with our expert Forest Makers and collaborators, we’ll dig into how we can help cities build biodiversity, climate resilience and wellbeing using Nature-based Solutions.

For our very first episode of SUGi Talks, we meet James Godfrey-Faussett. As SUGi’s lead Forest Maker, James manages our global urban Pocket Forest and afforestation efforts. In the UK alone he has planted 20 forests, including the UK and Europe’s biggest Miyawaki forest in Barking and Dagenham. Focussing on cities and the chronic lack of Biodiversity in our urban areas, we reimagine what healthy cities could look like. Alongside this, we speak about the healing power of Nature and the UK’s at-risk temperate rainforest biome. 

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Project Links:
Southbank Centre — Natura Nostra Forest

Koswik Law — A temperate rainforest in Cornwall

Ancestral Forest — Wonderfruit’s interactive festival forest


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