California's Misuse of Limited Water Resources


California is suffering from a severe drought, resulting in water shortages and other harsh impacts on the state’s rural and urban communities alike. As California’s population continues to grow, demand on the state’s limited water resources continues to become a bigger issue. With the growing problem of limited water resources, California has been forced to take drastic actions to reduce water consumption, irrigate unused or partially used farmlands, and put a strain on the state’s rivers and groundwater.nnThis video explores the crisis of water resource mismanagement in California, looking at how water mismanagement has led to dwindling water supply and negative environmental impacts. Topics discussed include:n
• How surface and groundwater works, and how population growth has put a strain on water resourcesn• California’s water infrastructure and how water is allocated across the staten• Examples of how misuse of water impacts communities and speciesn• Steps taken to conserve California’s water resourcesn• Potential solutions to the crisisn
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