Building the system to prosper from climate action | Nathalie Whitaker | E Tipu IFAMA 2023


Nathalie Whitaker is a visionary entrepreneur leveraging tech-enabled networks to address pressing societal issues. In this talk, Nathalie emphasis the significance of collective decision-making in shaping the desired world amidst the climate crisis.

Nathalie Whitaker, Co-founder, Toha

Nathalie Whitaker is a visionary entrepreneur designing platform solutions that deliver social, economic and environmental impact. As the Founder and CEO of Givealittle, she quickly realised the power of tech-enabled networks in addressing some of the most pressing individual and societal problems. Her platform has so far raised an impressive $170 million.

With a degree in Business and Political Science from Victoria University, Nathalie is always looking for ways in which business can be used to create a better future. Her work heading up an impact investment company Toha is geared toward channeling funds to avert climate change. She’s passionate about building better infrastructure to demonstrate the proof of impact, unleashing more capital to tackle the most pressing challenges.

To join the direct action in response to Cyclone Gabrielle’s aftermath in East coast of New Zealand, contact:


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