Building Community Resilience in Hue, Viet Nam


The City of Hue, Viet Nam is prone to frequent flooding. In recent years the impact of floods on the city and its residents has increased due to climate change. Hue is one of three Vietnamese cities targeted by the Government for investment in infrastructure to increase climate resilience through the ADB-financed Green Cities Development Project. In tandem with the infrastructure investment, small-scale local initiatives were launched in seven wards of Hue to support communities that are vulnerable to climate risk. Following consultation with local people, ward governments selected projects from a range of options including community flood shelters and neighborhood road improvement.

0:17 The City of Hue is prone to frequent flooding.
0:45 Natural hazards have increased in frequency and intensity due to climate change.
1:01 Hue is targeted for investment to increase climate resilience, financed by a loan from ADB.
1:30 Small-scale projects were also launched in seven wards of Hue to support vulnerable communities.
2:05 Cities are hotspots of climate change due to their economic role and dense population.
2:42 An Dong Ward is constructing a shelter for residents of this flood-prone neighborhood.
3:51 When it rains, floods and disasters occur. Everyone in this area is affected.
4:48 We think that this community-led approach is what makes the difference.
5:06 The An Dong flood shelter also serves as a community center.
5:46 Building community resilience is about strengthening bonds between neighbors.
6:30 During that flood when the main street overflowed, the water was up to my neck.
7:03 Now that we have the new road, people can travel easily and students can go to school.

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