Building climate-resilient cities in the Eastern Caribbean [French subtitles]


As a result of climate change, the Eastern Caribbean is facing more storms, droughts, flooding, sea level rise and widespread impacts on society, particularly in the densely populated coastal urban areas. The project Building Climate-Resilient Cities in the Eastern Caribbean through Enhanced Urban Planning Knowledge worked to deepen the skill base for climate-resilient urban planning in the region. Key achievements included:

– Design and development of an integrated course on urban planning and climate resilience for students and professionals in the Eastern Caribbean.

– Delivery of a free pilot Tailored Open Online Course (TOOC) in May-June 2022.
– A photo competition which produced an array of stories in words and images from members of the public across the Eastern Caribbean, available to view at

– A policy brief The Caribbean – a region of excellence for urban climate resilience: lifelong learning for urban planners/Les Caraïbes: une région d’excellence en matière de résilience climatique en milieu urbain available on ODI’s website.

This animation describes the climate risks facing the Eastern Caribbean and why the project was needed. It celebrates what the project achieved and how viewers can access courses to strengthen their skills for climate resilience in Caribbean cities.

The project ran from early 2021 until August 2022. It was supported by the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission, University of the West Indies and Université des Antilles, with funding by the Agence Française de Développement’s AdaptAction programme. The project was delivered by Suez Consulting, ODI, the University of Technology Jamaica, EnGen Collaborative and Acacia Consulting.


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