Building BIG Port Infrastructure [Roads, Highways, Rail] in Cities Skylines!


We’re finally commencing the development of the port of the regional capital of Port Douglas which I’ve mentioned several times by now. In this episode, we start out with doing the bulk of the terraforming/landscaping and infrastructure expansions necessary to support a large port.

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– What’s the rationale behind this project:
What happens if a washed-up-used-to-be-YouTuber gathers a bunch of “generic” looking assets (though mostly inspired by Australian / Canadian cityscapes) with the hopes of creating a Cities: Skylines region full of towns and cities that both look realistic and are inspired by Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, while at the same time don’t really replicate any one particular style? No idea, let’s find out.

Join me in this Cities: Skylines modded gameplay / let’s play / timelapse series as we expand the region, and build new infrastructure, highways, public transit, industrial pockets, NIMBY-neighbourhoods, sprawling suburbs and bustling downtowns. And of course, use tress excessively to cover up any imperfections!

Q & A:
Do you have a MOD/Asset list?
– Not at this point in time.

Which map is this?
– Anahita Pass by Owl – although slightly modified

Which Theme and LUT are you using?
– Theme is Los Angeles by OWL, slightly mixed with Grass and Pavement textures from the NotSoRocky Hills theme by Khanador. LUT is Coastal by Ronyx69.

How do you place residential buildings so fast in suburbs/neighbourhoods?
– I use a tag-based trick with the Find It mod, I’ve made a tutorial here:

Which visual MODS do you use?
– Here’s the full list of enabled visual mods (I don’t know if some of these cancel out others): Relight, Render IT!, Ultimate Level of Detail, Clouds & Fog Toggler, Daylight Classic, Adaptive Prop Visibility Distance, Softer Shadows, Ultimate Eyecandy, ShadowStrengthAdjuster, Sharp Textures, Sun Shafts, AD Cloud Enabler, Shadow Distance Fix, 8K AD Clouds Pack 01.

Which graphic settings does your game run?
– Everything is set to high, 1440p resolution.

Hardware specs?
– 3080, 32 GB ram, I5-12600KF.


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