Building better lives and livelihoods in Asia-Pacific through sustainable urban food systems vt ES


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In the Asia-Pacific region, FAO is working with its Member Nations to help them advance to the 2030 Agenda by achieving the Four Betters: better production, better nutrition, better environment and a better life – leaving no one behind. In Sri Lanka, FAO is helping to build better lives through a sustainable urban food system. Food security in Sri Lanka’s commercial capital Colombo is vulnerable to food loss and waste, and to external shocks such as climate-related hazards and economic crises. Strengthening urban and peri-urban agriculture is boosting the city’s resilience and offering a nutritious food supply. FAO is also working with local universities to map food flows from rural and peri-urban areas to Colombo. It is identifying alternative routes that can help reduce the distance food must travel from food supply areas to the cities. It is contributing to make the food supply chain more efficient and strengthen the urban food system.


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