Building A Business 1000x From Scratch | ft. Ali K Chishti | Wali Khan Podcast #20


Ali Chishti has a phenomenal career in journalism, at the same time he runs successful businesses in and outside Pakistan. Watch this video to learn about him with a different perspective.

Some of the publications of Ali Chishti:

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0:00 Intro
3:00 Ali’s life story and background
11:00 Turn of events when a journalist broaden the horizon and became an entrepreneur
13:30 How Data Analytics & Journalism Amulgamation helped him monetize
18:27 The opportunity to start the business & learning from mistakes?
22:00 Growing the IT company in worst situation & how Pakistan is left behind because of perception
25:20 THE WIRE franchise for middle east and Pakistan
29:00 Upcoming social media conference
31:18 Trillions of non accounted for money in Pakistan supply issue
35:55 How he manage time for all the things in life?
39:00 How does Ali manage his personal finances?
47:00 Story telling – Big part of Ali’s journalistic acumen and interesting stories of Karachi
54:10 Need of hour for Pakistan to flourish!
59:30 Simple tips for improving common man’s life & being productive
1:03:40 Pakistani politics, issues and solution
1:12:00 Outro

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I like helping people around in their general productivity & personal finance situations as well as advising on wealth management which includes but not limited to property market in UAE and Pakistan, equity and commodities markets, bonds etc. Moreover, I have a keen interest in YouTube and social media marketing along with video editing and its marketing. I also have a keen interest in world current affairs and politics. Last but not the least I am an APPLE fanboy 🙂

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