Building a Better World: Solidarity Economies, Worker Co-ops and Collective Care


What would it take to live in a world where all our needs are met, where communities and individuals flourish, where humans, animals and the natural world are cared for and not exploited? In this event, participants learned about solidarity economics, worker co-ops and alternative ways of organizing work and democratic forms of ownership.

Facilitated by Dionne Co and Naisha Khan of Solid State Community Industries, a BIPOC youth-led organization building the Solidarity Economy in Surrey, BC primarily through the formation of worker cooperatives, the workshop featured an interactive portion that included activities to foster self reflection and moments of connection with other participants.

“Building a Better World: Solidarity Economies, Worker Co-ops and Collective Care” is the 3rd in a series hosted by the Synergia Transition and Resilience Climate Action Program (STARCAP), a climate-action partnership between The Canadian CED Network and Synergia Institute.

Facilitator Bios:

Dionne Co is the Director of Research at Solid State Community Industries, an economic development agency that builds worker cooperatives within a larger Solidarity Economy in Surrey, BC. Dionne has also co-founded and co-directs City in Colour Cooperative, an urban consulting co-op that produces research and policy work building towards joyful, equitable and accessible cities where people belong.

Prior to that, Dionne has been involved in different non-profit organizations internationally and locally around the Lower Mainland. She is also an illustrator and holds a Master’s degree in Urban Studies. She loves reading books and walking with her dogs, Horace and Lila. Visit to learn more about her work.

Naisha Khan is a 20-year-old climate organizer, coop developer, artist, full-time student, and second-generation Bangladeshi settler from so-called Surrey, BC. They started and work with Climate Recentered: a group of Asian femme building a climate movement to practice joy and center BIPOC lived experiences. They have also worked with Banking on a Better Future, Sustainabiliteens, Climate Strike Canada, Climate Justice UBC, David Suzuki Foundation, and Be the Change Earth Alliance. They currently work at Solid State Community Industries where they develop coops working with marginalized people.


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