Build and Fight: Cooperation Jackson @ CIIS, Part 2. Q+A


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00:00 “Can you say more about ‘Free the Land'”?
13:00 “What are your thoughts on land, memory, and liberation as they relate to each other?”
32:30 “How do we coordinate across movements? From a vanguard party?”
38:30 “Could you talk about leadership for young people, and the arts?”
40:30 “Could you talk more about everyday stories, and why they’re important?”

Jackson Rising Redux is available now @PMPress

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Kali Akuno, Sacajawea Hall, and Matt Meyer discuss the strategies, successes, and lessons of Cooperation Jackson and how it became a center for national and international coalition efforts around the movement for grassroots-centered Black community control and self-determination, inspiring growing partnerships and emulation across the globe.

Learn from new and ongoing projects and methods by progressive peoples from diverse trade union, youth, church, and cultural movements found within the community and in the pages of Jackson Rising Redux: Lessons on Building the Future in the Present, coedited by Kali Akuno and Matt Meyer.
Books will be available for sale with a book signing to follow the talk.


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