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Plants make you happier! We couldn’t agree more with Slow Pharmacy. For those of you who have not yet heard of this beautiful label from South Korea, let us have the honor to introduce you to the magic of bottled plants! The founders, Lee & Jeong, strongly believe that the power of plants contributes to our overall well-being. If you read our Plant Tribe book, you know this is a point where we fully agree with Slow Pharmacy. But these two creative Koreans have interpreted the idea of bringing plants into our homes in a new, minimalistic way: carefully selected plants, hand-filled in beautiful vials, floating in a transparent liquid and preserved for years to come. Slow Pharmacyslow pharmacyAdding Slow Pharmacy vials to your home adds a touch of botanical serenity. It is a poetic way of encapsulating the elusive beauty of a plant in a bottle, offering the viewer a moment of meditative serenity and calmness. By carefully choosing the place for your Slow Pharmacy vials, you will observe the play of light caressing the plant and presenting an array of hues and details that keep your attention. Not only does this look beautiful, it truly tickles your phantasy and creativity. And before you even know, you have relaxed fully while observing the floating plant in its vial. Botanical magic happened!slow pharmacyslow pharmacyWe both have added our selected Slow Pharmacy vials into our homes, too. Whether it is on a plant shelf accompanying your potted houseplants, on a desk to inspire your creativity, or in a darker corner of your home that is not suitable for a potted plant – the vials look stunning in every scenery and add a touch of simplicity, beauty and minimalism.

Urban Jungle Bloggers - Slow Pharmacy #urbanjunglebloggers

Urban Jungle Bloggers - Slow Pharmacy #urbanjunglebloggers

Is a bottled plant running against our belief in living houseplants? Absolutely not. These vials add a different touch to any plant loving home. Every plant specimen has been carefully chosen and hand-filled in Korea. It is a new way of bringing a touch of nature to your home. Igor says: “I love my Slow Pharmacy vials! I have selected three large vials and two smaller ones, each containing a different plant. I chose several spots in my home to display them. But my favorite spot is on my desk – the light changes over day and offers a spectrum of colors. It gives me a reason to pause, appreciate the beauty of nature and continue my work with more creativity.”Slow Pharmacyslow pharmacyslow pharmacyJudith has also added a selection of Slow Pharmacy to her new home in the South of France. She says: “I love how the Slow Pharmacy glass vials allow to decorate your home with botanicals, even if a room or corner doesn’t provide enough light for normal houseplants. Our bedroom for instance is, unfortunately, too dark to grow plants, but the delicate and carefully selected plants like the Tabaria fern and Capsella bursa-pastoris make our bedroom shelves look like a super stylish and contemporary cabinet de curiosités.” 

Urban Jungle Bloggers - Slow Pharmacy #urbanjunglebloggers

Urban Jungle Bloggers - Slow Pharmacy #urbanjunglebloggers

We encourage you, plant lover, to hop over to Slow Pharmacy and have a look at their incredible range of beautiful plant vials. Make your pick but be warned: it is not simple! Choose a vial for your home or as a thoughtful present for a beloved person – and finally no green finger excuse will work as the bottled plants from Slow Pharmacy will remain almost eternally beautiful – no work or care required! And keep in mind: plants make you happier! Yes they do.slow pharmacyslow pharmacy

Urban Jungle Bloggers - Slow Pharmacy #urbanjunglebloggersThis blog post has been brought to you in collaboration with Slow Pharmacy . As always, all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting the brands who support this blog.

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