Blood Money – Inside the Nazi Economy | Part 2: An Economy of Death | Free Documentary History


Blood Money – Inside the Nazi Economy – Part 2: An Economy of Death | History Documentary

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The resounding German victories of 1940 hid a beleaguered economy. Everything was in short supply: petrol, weapons, raw materials, food, and foreign currencies. They organised wide-scale looting in the countries they invaded. The Nazi war economy was dependent on theft and spoliation.
It would progressively become an economy that relied on plunder.
The assassination of Jewish populations, the horrifying project central to National Socialism, remained a priority, but that had to be adjusted to take food and labour shortages into account.
The Nazis managed to organise their deadly ideological obsessions around their need to produce weapons. The Nazis calculated, planned, and transformed human beings into objects they could exploit at will. Industrial production was adapted. Death became part of the equation. This strong alliance between the regime’s worst elements and the weapons industry’s engineers shaped a fearsome economic system that allowed the Nazi regime to go on fighting until the country’s collapse.


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